Lester Sison: Let’s win health!

Hi, thank you for visiting Lester’s Heavenly Veggies family page.

At Heavenly Veggies we win together!

With every purchase through Lester:

  1. You get high quality products for your health.
  2. You help fund Lester’s health mission projects.
  3. You help launch Heavenly Veggies restaurant — to help Guam win health!

It’s a win for everyone!

Kindly contact Lester at the following:

Lester Sison
Phone: (671) 747-6520

Original Mushroom Seasoning

Award-winning, natural gourmet cooking assistant! Simply delicious without MSG and the power of shitake mushrooms.

$16.50 / 1-pound pack


Award-winning, high-quality, high-MCT, pure coconut oil.

$15 / 1-liter bottle

KLK’s 8-in-1 Brown Rice Coffee

Deliciously caffeine-free with stevia, brown rice, and the benefits of ashitaba, mangosteen, grapeseed extract, soy and moringa!

$7 / 1-box (10-sachets)

To support Lester, kindly contact him at the following:

Lester Sison
Phone: (671) 747-6520

Heavenly Veggies donates a large of portion of the proceeds of sales to support: [1] scholarship of students and families for uplifting character development and Christian education; [2] support Christian FM radio ministry of Melodies of Prayer to uplift and serve peoples in Guam (FM 106.9) and Saipan (FM 91.5) ; [3] relaunching of Heavenly Veggies restaurant and wellness project to help win health and improve living conditions of peoples of Guam and Micronesia; [4] and support international outreach and Christian service.