Heavenly Veggies Mushroom Seasoning

Easily bring out the best flavors of your cooking the healthy way with the natural power of pure mushroom seasoning.


  • Amazing, simple & convenient culinary solution!
  • Great taste without MSG. Much better than MSG!
  • Just sprinkle it on to make ANY cooking delicious!
  • Add that special deliciousness for just 3-4 cents per plate.
  • 1-pack delivers 300-400 servings.


100% natural.
Certified no MSG.
Guaranteed quality.

Powerful health benefits of pure shiitake mushrooms.

2012 Award-Winning product of Singapore.
Superior taste advantage.
100% vegan.

Great unique gift idea.
A gift that keeps on giving.


It’s time to bring back the joy of cooking
and make your life much easier!

Sprinkle a little happiness for someone special today.

Bring out that special great taste without MSG!
Enjoy delicious cooking guilt-free!

Check out HEAVENLY VEGGIES Original Mushroom Seasoning